Bethesda Academy's Preview of their Championship football game vs Calhoun Academy with the Bethesda Academy Head Coach Antwaun Turner

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Savannah Sports Minute Memorial Day Schools Road to the Ship

Memorial Day School Preview of their semifinal football game vs Biarwood Academy of Warrenton, GA with the Blue Thunder’s Head Coach Michael Thompson.

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This Weekend at Coach's Corner - All the Games you want to watch and it's Food, Sports, & Fun
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The Lineup...

I. OPENER…Local Scores & News

II. Savannah City Amateur 2015 Champion Trey Kent at Bacon Park Golf Course

III. The Columnist Stephen "Elmo" Weeks


V. OPENER…WTOC Sports Director Ken Griner

VI. Wetherington Chiropractic Clinic Athlete of the Week- Benedictine Military School Football Player senior Tru'self Cooper

VII. Calvary Day School Athletic Director Chad Griffin



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The Lineup...Live from Armstrong Atlantic University 4th Annual Treasure Walk

I.Local Scores & Sports News
II. Armstrong Atlantic University Director of Athletics Lisa Sweany 
III. Former Professor/Coach at Armstrong Atlantic University  BJ Ford 
IV. The 3rd Armstrong Atlantic University BJ Ford Scholarship Award Winner Alexis Mercer
V. Armstrong Atlantic University Head Women's Basketball Coach Fala Bulloch
VI. The Wetherington Chiropractic Clinic Athlete of the Week- Arts Academy Volleyball Player Peyton Vacala
VII. Armstrong Atlantic University Head Women's Soccer Coach Eric Faulconer
VIII. Closing....


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The Lineup...

  1. OPENER…Local Scores & News
  1. The Columnist Stephen "Elmo" Weeks
  1. Richmond Hill Head Softball Coach Angie Hummeldorf
  1. CLOSING… Turn Two
  1. OPENER… Local Scores & News 
  1. Wetherington Chiropractic Clinic Athlete of the Week-SCD 8th Grader Football Player Mike Robertson Jr.
  1. Calvary Day School AD Chad Griffin
  1. CLOSING…Show101715collage400x400400x4002.jpg
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The Lineup...

I. OPENER…Local Scores & News
II.Bacon Park General Manager Jason Griswold The Reopening & Savanh City AM 2015
III.Savannah State Football Coach Earnest Wilson talking Tiger Football
V.OPENER… Local Scores & News 
VI. The Wetherington Chiropractic Clinic Athlete of the Week - Memorial Day Football Player Irvin Riley
VII. SCAD Sports Information Director Tommy Chasnoff  discussing SCAD Bee Athletics

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The Lineup...

      I.        OPENER…Local Scores & News

     II.        Savannah Quarterback Club Quarterback David DeWitt

    III.        The Columnist Stephen “Elmo” Weeks talking Golf & Bulldog Football

   IV.        CLOSING…

    V.        OPENER… Local Scores & News 

   VI.        Wetherington Chiropractic Clinic Athlete of the Week- Islands High School Softball Player Freshman Jessica Davis

  VII.        Effingham Herald Editor Pat Donahue talking Effingham Prep Sports

 VIII.        CLOSING…


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The Lineup…

I.             OPENER…Local Scores & News

II.            Wetherington Chiropractic Clinic Athlete of the Week- HV Jenkins High School Quarterback JaVonte Middleton

III.           Calvary Day School Head Volleyball Coach Hannah Hunter

IV.          Closing...


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